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Seymour Hersh hat Hinweise recherchiert, wonach US-Präsident Obama gezielt Informationen verschwiegen haben soll, die belegen, dass auch islamische Terroristen der al-Nusra-Front in der Lage gewesen sein sollen, chemische Kampfstoffe herzustellen.

Seymour Hersh

And the thing that surprised us the most is there was a lot of reporting in—known to the American community and to our allies, that al-Nusra, […] had not only the capacity and potential and the know-how, how to produce sarin, but also had done some production of sarin. And these are reports that were very highly classified that went up the chain of command. In some cases, they were so secret that not many people in the government knew about it. They went to senior officials in the Defense Intelligence Agency. The CIA certainly was forwarding many of these reports.

Seymour Hersh im Interview mit Democracy Now!

Es wird wohl niemanden wundern, dass die gleichgeschaltete deutsche Staats- und Konzernpropaganda  Hershs Recherchen weitestgehend totschweigt.